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Naturopath – What’s That?

Many people have no idea that our profession exists, no idea of the depth of our training, and no idea that we can help them live fuller, healthier lives as part of their healthcare team. We have 8 years of post-secondary training Naturopathic Doctors have completed an undergraduate degree, and four years of post-graduate study in Naturopathic Medicine. Naturopathic Doctors have been a regulated healthcare profession in Ontario since 1925. Naturopathic Medicine is also covered by most extended healthcare providers. We’re trained as primary care providers Much like a visit with a family doctor or nurse practitioner, a Naturopathic Doctor …

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Consider A Naturopathic Doctor For Your Health

By: Dr. Katrina Traikov ND For those of you who may not be familiar with Naturopathic Doctors Natutopathic Doctors (NDs) are trained as primary care providers , much like your family doctor or nurse practitioner. We have eight years of post-secondary training, including an undergraduate degree and four years training specifically in naturopathic medicine. Like other healthcare providers, we must complete licensing exams and continuing education, as well as maintain standards of practice. Naturopathic Medicine has been regulated in Ontario since 1925, and services provided are covered by most extended health care plans, or may be claimed as a medical …

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Naturopathic approaches to acne

Hormone balancing, menstrual cycle regulation, helping the skin to detoxify, and supporting the liver (another organ of detoxification), can be helpful in addressing acne. Food sensitivities can also play a role in some acne cases. Bentonite and kaolin clay can be quite helpful in encouraging the skin to rid itself of impurities. Creams containing manuka honey can also be helpful here. For more information, feel free to call, e-mail or come in for a free introductory visit. Originally shared in the Valley Naturopath clinic newsletter November 2013

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Naturopathic approaches to eczema aka atopic dermatitis

“Allergy” and ” ‘leaky’ skin barrier” are key concepts when talking about atopic dermatitis aka eczema. Patients with eczema, often have skin that is genetically predisposed to be ‘leaky’, exposing the immune system to more allergens from the outside world. Also in these cases, the immune system can also be genetically predisposed to react more readily to these antigens or allergens, resulting in an over-reactive immune system that’s being triggered all the time. Food sensitivities can play a big role in some cases of patients with eczema. Some patients find doing a hypoallergenic or elimination diet, or doing a simple …

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Naturopathic approaches to psoriasis

With psoriasis think systemic inflammation and auto-immunity In plain language, with psoriasis it’s not just your skin that’s affected and your immune system starts attacking your own tissues. Though the immune reaction in psoriasis typically starts out as an “allergic” type response, it shifts to an “auto-immune” type response over time. It’s not just about your skin In addition to affecting the skin, psoriasis can also affect the joints, the cardiovascular system (the heart), and the digestive system. ten to twenty-five percent of the time people with psoriasis have joint pain due to psoriatic arthritis. Having psoriasis also means you …

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Mental health and addiction – naturopathic approaches

There are many different approaches that Naturopaths can offer their patients with mental health and addiction issues. These include short term relief of cravings or symptoms, and long-lasting skills and more helpful coping mechanisms that can allow you to “kick the habit” or resolve your symptoms for good. Naturopathic approaches to mental health and addiction issues include Ear acupressure / ear seeds – little seeds taped at various locations on the ears. In traditional chinese medicine (TCM) the ear is considered a map of the body. Stimulating specific points can be helpful to help with mental health and / or …

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Valley Naturopath

Valley Naturopath clinic open house

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 5, 2014 PEMBROKE: A special celebratory event is also providing people the chance to learn how they and their loved ones can live happier, healthier lives. Valley Naturopath is celebrating its first year in business and is hosting a special open house Saturday, Jan. 18 where people can learn about the services it offers at the clinic and in the community. The event will include refreshments as well as a chance to win a door prize. It will run from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. at Valley Naturopath (out of Active Chiropractic Family Health Centre), 1169 Pembroke St. E. …

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Kidney Disease

Kidney health at all stages of kidney disease A naturopathic approach to kidney disease depends on whether patients are in early stage or late stage kidney disease, or whether they are on dialysis or are post-transplant. Early kidney disease In early kidney disease, treatment goals may be to stop the progression of the disease and heal the damage to the kidneys. This is done by addressing risk factors like diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking, obesity, and inflammation or dental disease. Well-researched supplements and plant medicines can be used to decrease protein or foaminess in the urine, and many foods can …

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Pain management, naturally

By Katrina Traikov ND Naturopathic Doctor Pain is the most common reason people seek health care According to the Canadian Pain Society, pain is the most common reason people seek health care. One in five Canadian adults suffers from chronic pain, and its prevalence increases with age. Chronic pain can negatively affect our level of social engagement and our quality of life. It is also associated with higher rates of depression, and even suicide. Pain medications can play an important role in pain management, but they may also put stress on our digestive system, cardiovascular system, liver or kidneys; and …

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Pain management – naturopathic approaches

There are many different tools that Naturopaths can use with patients for pain management. We try to address the root cause of your pain to gradually decrease or resolve it over time. We also have approaches that can provide fast relief, naturally. Our approaches include Mindfulness-based approaches including stress reduction techniques Addressing health concerns that could be contributing to pain (eg. Digestive problems, past or current injuries, inflammation, arthritis, fractures, fibromyalgia) Helping you prepare for and recover from surgery Assessing and treating alignment of the bones, as well as treating the muscles and soft tissues – looking at your body’s structure …

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