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Well-woman visits

Naturopaths are trained and licensed to perform regular pelvic exams, PAP smears, and breast exams in Ontario.

At Valley Naturopath, we offer a safe, caring environment for well-woman visits that can include a breast exam, breast health education, a pelvic exam and a PAP test.

Proper screening is vital to women’s health

Despite this, many women put off their regular well-woman visit for a variety of reasons. At Valley Naturopath, we believe that discomfort and inconvenience should not be barriers to women’s health, and we are dedicated to helping women feel respected, safe, comfortable and empowered when it comes to their health and regular well-woman visits.

At Valley Naturopath we strive to make well-woman visits as comfortable as possible:

  • We ensure your privacy and comfort
  • We use comfortable cloth sheets and gowns
  • We use natural lighting and ensure the the room, table and any equipment used are a comfortable temperature
  • Any equipment used is also lubricated
  • We provide health education to empower you to take a more active role in your health
  • We provide you with a copy of your results and spend the time to explain these results to you

When do I need a well-woman visit?

Feel free to review the provincial guidelines for breast and cervical screening below

Ontario breast screening guidelines

Ontario cervical screening guidelines

Educate the women in your life about the importance of regular well-woman visits.

Well-woman visits are important, and there are options to make it easier and more comfortable

If you are having trouble getting in to see your family doctor or nurse practitioner for your regular PAP, or if you would simply prefer to come to our clinic for this service, feel free. You do not need a referral. You do not need to be an existing patient at the clinic to book a well-woman visit.

For more information, feel free to call, e-mail or come in for a free introductory visit