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Ears feeling blocked? Too much Earwax?

The ear naturally secretes earwax to protect, lubricate, keep debris out, and regulate bacterial growth. Too much earwax or dry, hardened earwax can cause a blockage otherwise known as a wax impaction. Symptoms can include earaches, ringing in the ears, a decrease in your ability to hear or even temporary hearing loss.

If you’ve ever had a wax impaction you know they can be super annoying! Fortunately, at the clinic we offer ear oil and ear lavage to help our patients get back to hearing normally – provided your eardrums are intact (ie. there are no ear tubes, no holes in the ear drum, and your ear drum hasn’t burst or ruptured)

Ear Oil – Only if your eardrums are intact

Often use of ear oil for a few days prior to irrigation, helps to soften the wax and makes it easier to remove with irrigation. Often we use an ear oil extract of st. john’s wort, mullein and garlic in an olive oil base.

Ear Irrigation – Only if your eardrums are intact

Ear irrigation is a where water, warmed to body temperature is used to remove the excess or hardened wax.

Why the excess earwax?

Long term, it is also important to address why your body is making this wax so the impaction does not return. Excess earwax can be the result of high cholesterol or other chronic health concerns, past history of trauma, injury or infection to the outer ear, or use of cotton-tipped swabs or Q-tips and other items such as ear plugs or even hearing aids, that inadvertently push the wax deeper into the ear canal.

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