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5 simple steps to having more energy

So you can get stuff done and enjoy life! All the B vitamins or caffeine in the world is not going to make any difference if you’re running on empty. Here are 5 simple steps you can take to get more energy. Step 1 –  Become aware of how much energy you have.  Everyone starts each day with a set amount of energy. This amount can vary from person to person and from day to day. Make it a daily habit to check where your energy levels are at. Close your eyes and take a few seconds to feel where …

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Change your focus for more Energy

What my grandmother and Pokémon GO taught me about overcoming fatigue When it comes to fatigue, there’s a balance between knowing when to rest and restore, and when to push through. Trust yourself and listen to your body. Or, just trick yourself, focus on something you enjoy, and see what happens. You might be surprised at what you can accomplish! When I visited my grandma in eastern Europe a few years ago, she taught me about the art of changing your focus. There was a lot of family drama going on at the time. She would distract me from it like a …

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Diet weight loss

7 Weight Loss Tips

(that have nothing to do with counting calories or weighing your food) Weight loss can be a touchy subject. As women (and men) we’re bombarded with messages in the media about how we’re supposed to look, and what beauty is, however unrealistic they might be. Sometimes, when we shift our focus, we can achieve our goals in a healthier way. It’s my hope that this article can help you learn something new, and may help you look at weight loss in a different way. These tips are in no particular order. 1) Uncover Food sensitivities A food sensitivity is different from …

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The Health Benefits of Walking for 30 minutes a Day

The following information is provided for educational purposes only. Before making any changes please speak with your healthcare provider for individualized advice. Walking is a simple form of exercise that you can enjoy at your own pace. It also has a number of health benefits! Exercise should be something you enjoy, and making a habit of it can make it easier to incorporate into your daily routine. Bone Density and Bone Mass Walking can help maintain bone density and has been linked to a decreased risk of hip fracture. Any weight-bearing exercise involves support from our bones and helps to …

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Self-Care is Important

What is Self-care? Self-care is anything you do on purpose to care for yourself – physically, mentally, emotionally, socially or spiritually. It means respecting yourself enough to ensure your basic needs are met. For example basic self-care includes eating regularly, hydration, regular bathroom breaks, stress management, ensuring adequate time for rest and relaxation, making time for regular exercise – even if it’s just a short walk,  healthcare, spending time with people who help you feel good about yourself, making time for an activity you enjoy etc. But isn’t that selfish? It doesn’t have to be. The fact is, if your needs are met, …

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Stress management for the holidays

The holidays can be a time of togetherness, giving, receiving, reflection, relaxation, and enjoyment. There can also be a number of stresses and pressures associated with this time of year. These are very individual, and can range from feeling compelled to see everyone, to overindulgence, to an altered routine or challenging family dynamics. 6 Tips to help you get the most out of your holiday experience 1. Nourish yourself If you’ve ever been on a plane, you know they always tell you to put your oxygen mask on before helping anyone else with theirs. There’s a reason for this: it’s …

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Naturopathic approaches to psoriasis

With psoriasis think systemic inflammation and auto-immunity In plain language, with psoriasis it’s not just your skin that’s affected and your immune system starts attacking your own tissues. Though the immune reaction in psoriasis typically starts out as an “allergic” type response, it shifts to an “auto-immune” type response over time. It’s not just about your skin In addition to affecting the skin, psoriasis can also affect the joints, the cardiovascular system (the heart), and the digestive system. ten to twenty-five percent of the time people with psoriasis have joint pain due to psoriatic arthritis. Having psoriasis also means you …

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19 simple tips for sound sleep, naturally

Good quality sleep is so important for our mental and physical health. It allows our bodies and minds to rest and restore, and it allows our immune system to keep us healthy and strong. These tips can be helpful to promote restful and restorative sleep, but so can discussing any sleep issues with your healthcare provider. 1) Decrease or avoid screen time 2-3 hours before bed eg. cell phones, TV, tablets. Anything with blue light will decrease your melatonin levels – the body’s sleep hormone. Some phones or screens also have a “night mode”. You can also try using daylight bulbs …

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Mental health and addiction – naturopathic approaches

There are many different approaches that Naturopaths can offer their patients with mental health and addiction issues. These include short term relief of cravings or symptoms, and long-lasting skills and more helpful coping mechanisms that can allow you to “kick the habit” or resolve your symptoms for good. Naturopathic approaches to mental health and addiction issues include Ear acupressure / ear seeds – little seeds taped at various locations on the ears. In traditional chinese medicine (TCM) the ear is considered a map of the body. Stimulating specific points can be helpful to help with mental health and / or …

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Pain management, naturally

By Katrina Traikov ND Naturopathic Doctor Pain is the most common reason people seek health care According to the Canadian Pain Society, pain is the most common reason people seek health care. One in five Canadian adults suffers from chronic pain, and its prevalence increases with age. Chronic pain can negatively affect our level of social engagement and our quality of life. It is also associated with higher rates of depression, and even suicide. Pain medications can play an important role in pain management, but they may also put stress on our digestive system, cardiovascular system, liver or kidneys; and …

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